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Dog hiking

Exiting Changes on the horizon

We wanted to take a quick moment to reach out to our woofK9 family (soon to be ISDC family) and let you know of a few changes that will be taking place over the next year. Many of you may know that I have taken on a new business partner, Fo...rrest Micke, and we are excited to combine our efforts to grow a community and training program that we can all be proud of. Some changes will be small, some big – all for the betterment of our dogs and their training.

Many of the immediate changes being made relate directly to services offered and our pricing structure.

Fun and Learn Dog Weekend

Traveling with your dog across the United States can indeed be frustrating for the active dog owner. Many popular destinations such as American national parks do not welcome dogs. But active dog owners don't have to be shut out from America's splendors. Every month WOOF K9 organizes a “Fun & Learn weekend for dogs”. The goal of this weekend is to spend some time in the outdoors while enjoying the company of our dogs. You will also be able to follow some training with same minded people and dogs and of course enjoying a good diner in a dog friendly restaurant.

DOG HILL Hike September 17th 2010

Today September 17, 2010 our first WOOF K9 Dog Hill hike took place. Under a foggy gray moist sky 6 dogs (with handlers) hike the gentle hills of DOG HILL in Dublin California. One Golden Retriever, 3 lab mixes, one mix breed and one German shepherd were part of this new event.
In a one hour we hike about 3 miles on a easy gentle pas having fun and giving our dogs some exercises.  We allow only 10 dogs in one group and all is also depending on the grade of training, socialization, temperament.